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SupraNet Communications, Inc.

Since 1994, SupraNet has been providing fast, direct, and reliable Internet to businesses across South Central Wisconsin.  Their hands-on customer focus and dedication to quality is why SupraNet is considered an exceptional value by businesses that place a premium on their Internet services. 

Staff members at SupraNet are highly knowledgeable, helpful, and available at all times.  Working together as a powerful team, they stay on top of new developments and industry trends to bring their clients the high end service they expect.  Each individual relationship is treated as their first and given the time and attention they deserve, which allows the client to focus on other important aspects of their business. 

Yahara Software, LLC.

Yahara Software LLC is an innovative company that provides software products and services. Our company name is taken from the popular local ecosystem, known as the Yahara Watershed. The Yahara Watershed system, which encompasses the greater Madison area, supports five major lakes and wetlands that define the community in which we work and play. We are proud of our vibrant capital city and the communities to which we belong both in nature and in business.

Yahara Software is a custom software development firm and Microsoft Gold Development Partner. We support companies and their product teams with the design, development, and launch of their solutions. Yahara has significant experience in assisting organizations with business process analysis and the delivery of Interactive Web Solutions. Our experience is based on years of successful engagements in insurance, government, education, health care, construction, manufacturing and service-based companies.

We build a team of creative and technical resources best suited for your project to support your business and employees.  Yahara’s goal is to allow your team to focus on their business competencies while we focus on the software design and development. We accomplish this by collaborating with the client through a “co-development” process. We design and develop specialized software solutions for clients with a vision and a desire. Yahara turns their ideas into solutions.

Yahara Software
801 Deming Way
Suite 202
Madison, WI 53717
P: 608.821.1750