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February Pecka Kucha

When:       Thursday, February 21st
Location:   The Monona Terrace, Madison

"Day Dream Realities x PechaKucha"

Our daydreams are the thoughts and ideas that let our creativity flow while inspiring us to do, change, and create. A few of those unencumbered day dreams have turned into reality. See a showcase of how some local professionals first dreamed “it” and then did “it.” 


Presentation Topics

 Rick Brooks

 Little Free Library: How A Small Box of Books Becomes A BIG Idea

 Nilesh Patel

 Indiana Jonesing It For 8 Days In Costa Rica While Knowing Only Three Things In Spanish

 Scott Savage

 The Journey From The Land Of Suffering To Shangri-La: Building A Life Like Pooh

 Andy Wallman - Accompanied by Dave Adler of The Gomers

 Makers & Takers & Duke & Zombies: The Musical

 Jenna Weber

 Connect Madison

 Amanda Wilson

 Deerfoot Lodge & Resort - The One That Didn't Get Away

 Matt Younkel

 Life On A Boat