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November 13, 2013 "What Architecture Means to Me x PechaKucha"

"Architecture is a hazardous blend of omnipotence and impotence" - Rem Koolhaas

Join 10 talented architects and architect-types for a fast paced evening which will reacquaint you with the mother of all arts, the second oldest profession and the 3rd most common job found in any situation comedy.

Presentation Title  
Donald Briggs   
Briggs Architecture & Design  
Architectural Journey: Often Delightful, Never Predictable  
Janine Glaeser
City of Monona
Architecture is Hazardous
Stacey Kelelr
Mead & Hunt, Inc.
Sometimes it's the Small Things
Peter Tan
Strang Architecture Engineering Interiors     
The Dance of Architecture: Rhythm, Stewardship and Transcendence
Kristofer Nonn
KEE Architecture
What I Love About Architecture
Cathy O'Hara Weiss   
State of Wisconsin
The Guilty Pleasures of Architecture
Dawn O'Kroley
Dorschner Associates, Inc.
Continual Transformations
Robert Wheat
Senektekts, LLC
Preliminary - Not for Construction
Kirk Morledge
First Presbyterian Church of Waunakee
How Architecture Can Affect Us