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PechaKucha August 28, 2014 "Biotech as a Metaphor for Life x PechaKucha"

Madison is a hotbed for Biotechnology firms doing cool things like building medical diagnostic testing kits, supporting ground breaking research and developing new products that will shape the way we look at farming in the future. Come join us for the evening and listen as some interesting folks tell us about some of the thrilling, peculiar, and sometimes just plain crazy insights they have gained about life through working in the field of Biotechnology.

Organization Presentation Title
Peter Fuhrken  
Cellular Dynamics International  
Development Pathways as a Metaphor for Life  
Mark Cook
UW Madison
Discoveries While Studying Inflammation
Laura Heisler  
Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation  
WARF: 90 Years of Stewardship
Dr. JoAnne Robins and Ray Heller  
Swallow Solutions, LLC
Developing Tools to Help Your Own Patients
James Smagala
SRA - Center for Disease Control
Hey, Hold My Beer...I'm Going to Try Science!
Matthew Copeland
Gel Combs, LLC
Sometimes it's the Little Things that Matter
Dave McCabe
Intense Engineering
Contrivances of Science and Life
Michael Mucha
Madison Metropolitan Sewerage District
Why it is Great to Work in the Sewers - The Reprise